FIP Seminar "Duke Innovation Co-Lab: A Resource to help achieve your professional and personal making goals"

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Wed, 10/11/2023 - 12:00 to 13:00

David Bryan, Studio Manager, Innovation Co-Lab, Duke University


David Bryan, Studio Manager, Innovation Co-Lab at Duke University

The Duke Innovation Co-Lab provides learning opportunities, open studios, equipment resources, and mentorship to the Duke Community in support of teaching, learning, and researching with technology. We believe that Serious Play can lead to surprising results and inspiring outcomes, and have built a program to encourage and support this mentality. This includes broadly accessible learning opportunities through our Roots Program and Office Hours, four campus Studios with open access to equipment and technology support, medical-caliber equipment and services supporting the most sophisticated clinical and research needs, and deep mentorship and support opportunities for prototyping your brilliant (or wild) ideas. Additionally, Co-Lab offers the service where professional and medical-grade 3D printing is available on a cost-recovery basis. Our technicians receive your design files, consult with you on formatting and material choices, price quote and then deliver finished prints to you. Co-Lab Locations: Co-Lab Equipment: