Department of Biology

Steven B. Haase

Associate Professor of Biology
Our group is broadly interested in understanding the biological clock mechanisms that control the timing of events during the cell division cycle. In...

Sonke Johnsen

Professor in the Department of Biology

Daniel P. Kiehart

Professor of Biology
Our intellectual focus is on identifying determinants of cell shape that function during development. Utilizing molecular genetic and reverse genetic...

Bruce Klitzman

Associate Professor of Surgery
Our overriding interests are in the fields of tissue engineering, wound healing, biosensors, and long term improvement of medical device implantation...

Zhen-Ming Pei

Associate Professor of Biology
My laboratory is interested in the early signaling events by which plants sense environmental signals and decode to give the appropriate responses....

Tai-ping Sun

Professor of Biology
The diterpenoid phytohormone gibberellin (GA) plays pivotal roles in regulating growth and development throughout the life cycle of higher plants....