Department of Pathology

Gayathri R. Devi

Associate Professor in Surgery
Dr. Devi’s research interests include functional genomics, anti-cancer drug discovery and development, mechanisms of cancer cell signaling,...

Mark Wesley Dewhirst

Gustavo S. Montana Professor of Radiation Oncology, in the School of Medicine
Mark W. Dewhirst, DVM, PhD is the Gustavo S. Montana Professor of Radiation Oncology and Vice Director for Basic Science in the Duke Cancer Institute...

Peter Edward Fecci

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Geoffrey Steven Ginsburg

Professor of Medicine
Dr. Geoffrey S. Ginsburg's research interests are in the development of novel paradigms for developing and translating genomic information into...

Dianne Little

Assistant Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery
BVSc (DVM Equivalent) University of Liverpool 1998MSpVM North Carolina State University 2003PhD (Physiology and Biotechnology) North Carolina State...

Nathan Maclyn Thielman

Professor of Medicine
Broadly, my research focuses on a range of clinical and social issues that affect persons living with or at risk for HIV infection in resource-poor...

Christopher Wildrick Woods

Professor of Medicine
1. Emerging Infections 2. Global Health 3. Epidemiology of infectious diseases 4. Clinical microbiology and diagnostics 5. Bioterrorism...

Michael Rod Zalutsky

Jonathan Spicehandler, M.D. Professor of Neuro Oncology, in the School of Medicine
The overall objective of our laboratory is the development of novel radioactive compounds for improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This...