The Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics at Duke actively encourages close collaboration with our corporate partners and promotes technology transfer for economic development. The Corporate Partners Program (CPP) is designed to strengthen interactions between our faculty and industrial partners and to enhance the translational aspects of our educational and research programs.

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Partnership Types:

  • Corporate Partner: Annual fee: $5,000. For companies with 0 to 15 employees: $1,000.
  • Silver Partner: Annual fee: $10,000
  • Gold Partner: Annual fee: $15,000
  • Platinum Partner: Annual fee $25,000

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FIP Corporate Partners

Partner Benefits by Level






Student Recruitment X X X X
Invitation to FIP Annual Symposium X X X X
Invitation to annual Industry/Venture Capital Session X X X X
Access to Institute and Duke Resources X X X X
Sponsored Research Agreement X X X X
Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) X X X X
IP License Agreement X X X X
Photonics Workshops   X X X
Researcher in Residence   X X X
Consultation and Training   X X X
Individualized Advisory Service     X X
Collaborative Research Development     X X
FIP Corporate Advisory Board     X X
Strategic Partnership       X
Research Teaming       X

Benefit Descriptions

Student Recruitment: Corporate partners receive a listing of graduate students in the FIP, their resume if supplied, research topics, and anticipated graduate dates. Corporate partners may also use our facilities to interview students at any time throughout the year and our staff members will assist with scheduling and conducting employment interviews.

Invitation to FIP Annual Symposium: Each year we invite our corporate partners to the FIP to attend a series of presentations by our faculty members and graduating students. The two-day program of the FIP Annual Symposiium includes research highlights, reviews and tutorials on current research topics, laboratory tours and opportunities for informal discussions with students and faculty members.

Invitation to Annual Industry/Venture Capital (VC) Session: We invite our corporate partners to participate in the Industry/Venture Capital (VC) Session, organized in conjunction with the FIP Annual Symposium. The Industry/VC Session will include a poster session contributed by our corporate partners, FIP faculty and a special panel comprising members of the photonics industry and leading venture capital organizations. The goal of this session is to promote technology transfer and create opportunities for informal discussions and networking between the industrial, academics, and VC communities.

Access to Institute and Duke Resources: Representatives of all corporate partners are invited to attend our special seminar series, guest lectures, presentations and special events. Corporate partners may also access student theses and dissertations, as well as a library of seminars and graduate classes.

Sponsored Research Agreement: Corporate partners can fund the research of specific researchers or research topics that are of interest to the company. Corporate partners have first right of refusal to license IP developed during research.

IP License Agreement: Corporate partners may negotiate licenses for IP held by FIP researchers. The company deploys the technology or spins out an entity from Duke.

Special Photonics Workshop: Silver or higher corporate partners are invited to all Special Photonics Workshops where leaders in science and technology present state of the art and future trends in photonics areas.

Researcher in Residence: Silver or higher partners may contract to place a researcher at the FIP for an extended period. FIP will provide lab access and basic equipment. A negotiated fee may include a research assistant.

Consultation and Training: Silver or higher partners have access to short courses and seminars taught by our faculty. Partners may also request such training to support their in-house research efforts.

Individualized Advisory Service: Gold or higher partners can request individual advisory service from the FIP faculty for a one-day visit to their facility to provide scientific advice on areas of interest. The cost of this service will be determined on an individual basis.

Collaborative Research Development: Gold or higher partners are invited to team with FIP faculty to collaborate at the institute level in oder to develop joint research programs and proposals of mutual benefit.

FIP Corporate Advisory Board: Gold or higher partners are invited to serve on the FIP Corporate Advisory Board to identify and guide promising strategic research areas in photonics.

Strategic Partnerships: Platinum partners are considered strategic partners and may participate in discussion and planning of photonics research topics of mutual interest.

Research Teaming: Platinum partners may be invited to team with FIP faculty to jointly develop research grants in areas of mutual interest.