How Corporate Support is Used

Support from our Corporate Partners Program goes directly to our students, faculty, and laboratory infrastructure.

  • Undergraduate Research Fellows
    Provide laboratory equipment and limited funding to support Pratt undergraduate Research Fellows. The Fellows program is three academic semesters plus one summer.
  • Support for undergraduate learning
    Financial aid to promising students and improve classrooms and electronic teaching aids.
  • Industry Internships
    Provide standing internships that can be offered to FIP students. Corporate Partners have the opportunity to interview and make final selection.
  • Support for graduate education
    To recruit top graduate students and upgrade the equipment in the teaching laboratories.
  • Teaching and Research Laboratories
    Purchase state-of-the-art equipment for the teaching laboratories and introduction of new experiments into the curriculum. The curriculum is also enhanced by the use of state of the art optical design software in optical design courses, enabling students to graduate from our program with both practical and theoretical design experience.
  • Support for Faculty Research and Recruiting
    Funding for research start-up funds, undergraduate research fellows, sponsored research, collaborative research and development, endowed distinguished professor chairs, and financial support for promising new faculty members.
  • Support for Institute Activities on Technology Transfer and Related Activities
    The Institute and Duke place a high priority on transferring technology to the marketplace. Institute researchers have generated a continuous flow of patents, a number of which have resulted in several new start-up companies.