Ying Wu


Professor of Physics

Prof. Wu is interested in nonlinear dynamics of charged particle beams, coherent radiation sources, and the development of novel accelerators and light sources. One of his research focuses is to study the charged particle nonlinear dynamics using the modern techniques such as Lie Algebra, Differential Algebra, and Frequency Analysis. This direction of research will significantly further the understanding of the nonlinear phenomena in light source storage rings and collider rings, improve their performance, and provide guidance for developing next generation storage rings. The second area of research is to study and develop coherent radiation sources such as broad-band far infrared radiation from dipole magnets and coherent mm-wave radiation from a free-electron-laser (FEL). With this direction of research, he hopes to study the beam stability issues, in particular, the single bunch instabilities in the storage ring, develop diagnostics to monitor and improve the stability of the light source beams, and eventually develop novel means to overcome instabilities. These areas of research will provide foundations for developing a femto-second hard x-ray Compton back scattering radiation source driven by a mm-wave FEL - a next generation light source.

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Professor of Physics

Contact Information

  • Office Location: 210 Fel Bldg, Fel Laboratory, Lasalle Street Extension, Durham, NC 27708-0319
  • Office Phone: (919) 660-2654
  • Email Address: wu@fel.duke.edu
  • Websites:


  • Ph.D. Duke University, 1995
  • M.A. Duke University, 1991
  • B.S. Beijing University (China), 1988

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

  • DoE Outstanding Junior Investigator . U.S. Department of Energy. 2002
  • China-US Physics Examination and Application program (CUSPEA) fellowship. CUSPEA. 1988

Courses Taught

  • PHYSICS 141D: General Physics I (DIS)
  • PHYSICS 142L9D: General Physics II (Discussion)
  • PHYSICS 142L: General Physics II

In the News

Representative Publications

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