Georgia Marie Beasley


Associate Professor of Surgery

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Associate Professor of Surgery
  • Associate Professor in Medicine
  • Member of the Duke Cancer Institute

Contact Information

  • Office Location: Dept of Surgery, Durham, NC 27710
  • Office Phone: (919) 684-8111
  • Email Address:


  • Ohio State University, 2017
  • Duke University, 2015
  • M.H.S. Duke University, 2012
  • M.D. Duke University School of Medicine, 2008
  • B.A. Duke University, 2001

Representative Publications

  • Sharon, CE; Beasley, GM; Karakousis, GC, Clinical Trials in Melanoma: Margins, Lymph Nodes, Targeted and Immunotherapy., Surg Oncol Clin N Am, vol 32 no. 1 (2023), pp. 47-63 [10.1016/j.soc.2022.07.005] [abs].
  • Theivanthiran, B; Yarla, N; Haykal, T; Nguyen, Y-V; Cao, L; Ferreira, M; Holtzhausen, A; Al-Rohil, R; Salama, AKS; Beasley, GM; Plebanek, MP; DeVito, NC; Hanks, BA, Tumor-intrinsic NLRP3-HSP70-TLR4 axis drives premetastatic niche development and hyperprogression during anti-PD-1 immunotherapy., Sci Transl Med, vol 14 no. 672 (2022) [10.1126/scitranslmed.abq7019] [abs].
  • Farrow, NE; Kim, J; Wolf, S; Thomas, SM; Olson, L; Mosca, PJ; Beasley, GM; Tracy, ET, Examining the role of wide excision margins in pediatric melanoma: A National Cancer Database analysis., Pediatr Blood Cancer, vol 69 no. 11 (2022) [10.1002/pbc.29884] [abs].
  • Rhodin, KE; Fimbres, DP; Burner, DN; Hollander, S; O’Connor, MH; Beasley, GM, Melanoma lymph node metastases – moving beyond quantity in clinical trial design and contemporary practice, Frontiers in Oncology, vol 12 (2022) [10.3389/fonc.2022.1021057] [abs].
  • Shannon, AB; Straker, RJ; Carr, MJ; Sun, J; Landa, K; Baecher, K; Lynch, K; Bartels, HG; Panchaud, R; Keele, LJ; Lowe, MC; Slingluff, CL; Jameson, MJ; Tsai, KY; Faries, MB; Beasley, GM; Sondak, VK; Karakousis, GC; Zager, JS; Miura, JT, An Internally Validated Prognostic Risk-Score Model for Disease-Specific Survival in Clinical Stage I and II Merkel Cell Carcinoma., Annals of Surgical Oncology, vol 29 no. 11 (2022), pp. 7033-7044 [10.1245/s10434-022-12201-z] [abs].