3D orange triangular pyramids with purple squiggles in between

January 11, 2022 | Duke Engineering News

Molecular Paddlewheels Propel Sodium Ions Through Next-Generation Batteries

Insights into the atomistic dynamics of emerging solid-state batteries will help speed their evolution

Two pictures of a copper-colored square attached to a white piece of fabric, one with five rows of open vents and the other with the vents closed

December 16, 2021 | Duke Engineering News

Innovative Textile Vents to Release Heat When You Sweat

Moisture opens the vents, rather than electronics

Amanda Randles

December 08, 2021 | Duke Engineering News

Randles Elected to National Academy of Inventors

Amanda Randles was recognized for her work to model how blood, particles and cells travel throughout the circulatory system

Two bright images of layered skin, with one barely showing a long pointy object toward the bottom

December 01, 2021 | Duke Engineering News

Eye Imaging Technology Breaks Through Skin by Crossing Beams

New approach to optical coherence tomography increases its depth of view in biological tissues

Three blue squares with multicolored blobs in the middle, with mostly red/orange in the center and green/blue at the edges

November 30, 2021 | Duke Engineering News

High-Speed Holography of Cells Spots Physical Beacons of Disease

Measuring the variability of thickness within thousands of cells per minute spots physical signs of cancer and carcinogenic exposure

two women working in a science lab

November 23, 2021 | Duke Today

Duke Science and Technology is 'Accepting the Challenge'

The faculty recruitment and retention effort, called Duke Science and Technology, will give the university resources to expand core strengths in Duke’s research, extending to nearly every corner of the university.

colorful galaxy

November 22, 2021

New Faculty Q&A: Cosmology Group

Dan Scolnic, Michael Troxel and Chris Walter, members of Duke's Cosmology Group, study fundamental questions about the universe like the nature of dark energy and dark matter.

Po-Chun Hsu

November 22, 2021

New Faculty Q&A: Po-Chun Hsu

Po-Chun Hsu, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and materials science, aims to develop innovative materials for light and heat management.

Lindsey Glickfeld

November 02, 2021

New Faculty Q&A: Lindsey Glickfeld

Lindsey Glickfeld, associate professor of neurobiology, focuses on understanding how modules within the visual cortex of mice are coordinated to support vision and guide behavior.

Greg Field

November 02, 2021

New Faculty Q&A: Greg Field

Greg Field, assistant professor of neurobiology, focuses on how the retina processes visual scenes and transmits this information to the brain.