Jungsang Kim and Chris Monroe flanking the IonQ logo

March 09, 2021 | Duke Engineering News

Duke Technology Powers First Pure-Play Quantum Computing Company to Wall Street

With a market capitalization valued around $2 billion, IonQ will become the first publicly traded company focused solely on quantum computing

Steve Cummer

January 26, 2021 | Duke Engineering News

Listening to Lightning in the Duke Forest

ECE professor Steve Cummer's field of antennas relays information about when and where lightning strikes

Three men and a woman kneeling together looking at a small toy car

January 06, 2021 | Duke Engineering News

Cybersecurity for Autonomous Systems

Miroslav Pajic works on 'assured autonomy' for systems with high-level autonomy and low human control and oversight

Christine Payne with laser

January 05, 2021 | Duke Engineering News

Payne Named Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

MEMS Associate Professor Christine Payne recognized for outstanding contributions to chemistry with research on interaction between materials and cells

A neon green, semi-transparent, pill-shaped blob

December 18, 2020 | Duke Engineering News

Sound Waves Spin Droplets to Concentrate, Separate Nanoparticles

New centrifuge-like device concentrates and separates biomedically important nanoparticles in tiny samples in less than a minute

Two images of a retina, side-by-side. The left is mostly reddish-pink while the right has many different colors and is more detailed

December 17, 2020 | Duke Engineering News

Developing Low-Cost Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopes to Combat Diabetic Retinopathy

Hafeez Dhalla is using materials science and 3D printing to develop a new instrument for eye imaging that can combat a common cause of adult-onset blindness

David Beratan in front of a map

December 15, 2020

Using Quantum Rules to Move Chemistry into Uncharted Territory

Center for Synthesizing Quantum Coherence uses ultra-fast lasers to design and control chemical reactions

An example image made using photoacoustic tomography

December 04, 2020 | Duke Engineering News

Advancing Deep Tissue Imaging through Photonic Highways

A collaborative team of researchers from Duke BME and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine were among 13 teams to receive funding for novel imaging projects

complex machinery with vials and tubes hanging down from a circular ceiling all bathed in yellow-gold light

September 01, 2020 | Duke Engineering News

Duke Joins $115 Million Quantum Systems Accelerator

Five-year project seeks to energize the nation’s research community to ensure U.S. leadership in quantum R&D and accelerate the transfer of quantum technologies

A single dark tube splits into two glowing red tubes

August 27, 2020 | Duke Engineering News

Scientists Pair 3D Bioprinting and Computer Modeling to Examine Cancer Spread in Blood Vessels

Advanced computer simulations help better understand how tumor cells attach to blood vessels to form new tumors